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Guided Tea Practice

As a practice, Cha Dao or 'The Way of Tea' is one path to cultivating stillness, clarity and healing. Drinking tea has long been a part of  Daoist and Buddhist life in China and is relevant here today as we navigate ways to care for ourselves in this challenging time. 

Tea connects us to nature and reminds us how we, too, are nature. When we drink tea mindfully, we become aware of how the elements come together - earth, fire and water. We can recognize tea as plant medicine for both body and spirit. Tea helps us feel calm and alert at the same time, which is our natural state of being. 

For now, I am offering guidance online for starting your own tea practice. These are one-to-one sessions, but you are also welcome to invite a friend to your session.

You'll receive a selection of tea from our collection and a tea bowl designed and crafted by a ceramicist specially for ceremonial use. Each artisan we represent has a deep tea practice of his own and that energy comes through in each bowl.

Introduction to Leaves in a Bowl

Begin your journey into tea meditation practice. Through 3 introductory sessions, I'll guide you through the basic elements of the "leaves in a bowl" approach to tea meditation.

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