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A cup of tea is a cup of peace...  the whole world seen in a single cup.

- Soshitsu Sen XV 

Winter Hours

Wed-Fri   1-4pm

& by appointment


please email:


  • Da Bei Brewing Tea of the Day

  • Tasting events

  • Custom tea sessions for individuals and small groups

  • Community tea practice "Cha Dao", the Way of Tea



Walking in the door, you know you have come to the right place. Warm, welcoming, and unexpectedly, a haven, a moment to pause and relax. If you are new to fine, loose leaf tea, it's an easy introduction. If tea is already in your life, you can try something new. 

If you are looking for an experience that can be healing, restorative, even life-changing, we welcome you for a bowl of tea.


The shop name, Leaves in a Bowl, is a reminder of the first ways tea was consumed in ancient China. At its heart, a practice of drinking tea from a bowl connects us to tea, to nature and ultimately to ourselves.


Slowing down, bringing more awareness to the senses - - this simple way of drinking tea can actually be quite profound. I look forward to sharing a bowl of tea with you sometime soon.


Contact me to make a reservation.

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