We have an assortment of filter bottles on hand for making cold brew at home and on the go. These are available for local delivery:

Hario 750ml Black Top Cold Brewer with Two Glasses   28.

Hario 750ml Olive Green Top Cold Brewer  26.

Hario 400ml Cold Brewer Smoky Green   24.

Gram Scale   15.



We are passionate about teaware as an integral part of the brewing experience. Aroma, color and taste are all enhanced by the appropriate teaware for a particular tea, the season, and the circumstance.



 As one of my favorite teachers recently said, “We are all on the bus, but we just got on at different times.” If you are just beginning your journey in tea, welcome!  We have assembled some easy-to-use teaware to get you started. Choose from a western style family teapot or options to make tea for one.  To brew in the traditional Chinese style, glass and clay pots, cups, pitchers, and more are available to make it easy and accessible.

Our collection also includes a variety of tea bowls for casual, everyday drinking. It's a great way to see up close the unfolding of the leaves and the transformation of water into tea. At its best, tea is about intention, appreciation and connection. A ceramic bowl with clear, clean water and some tea leaves is all you need, at any point in your tea life.