Learning about tea starts any time. In the spirit of the many teachers who have guided us, we look forward to sharing what we know.


Private Online Tea Meditation

March 2021

As a mindfulness practice, Cha Dao or 'The Way of Tea' is one path to cultivating stillness and harmony, clarity and inner peace, healing and rejuvenation. This tradition has deep roots in Zen and Taoism and yet is also relevant today as we navigate ways to care for ourselves in this challenging time. 

Tea Ceremony connects us to nature and reminds us how we, too, are nature. When we drink tea mindfully, we become aware of how the elements come together  - earth, fire and water. We can recognize tea as plant medicine for both body and spirit. Tea helps us feel calm and alert at the same time, which is our natural state of being. 

Although we would love to invite you to a ceremony in the welcoming environment of our teashop, for now we are offering guidance online for starting your own tea practice. 

$75 for a private introduction to tea bowl meditation. Includes 2 one hour sessions, tea bowl and tea. For more information and to sign up, please inquire by email:


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