Cold Tea Guide

Cold Brew

For 750 milliliters (25 oz) water use 8-10 grams of tea

For 400 milliliters (14 oz) water use 6-8 grams of tea

Place tea in the bottle, add cold spring or filtered water. Attach the top of the bottle and swirl. Refrigerate at least 12 hours for 750ml and 3-6 hours for 400ml. Brew longer for a richer taste.

Remove the bottle from the fridge, swirl gently and serve. Store in the fridge for up to 3 days. Feel free to experiment with type of tea, amount, and brewing time. Enjoy!


Ambient Brew

6 grams tea

8 oz spring or filtered water

Brew tea in water at room temperature for 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you are using a ball shaped oolong or puerh, rinse first with hot water to open the leaves. Serve at room temperature in a wine glass. Enjoy!


Shaken Tea

12 grams loose leaf tea (try our Jade Rouge)

750 ml (about 3 cups) spring or filtered boiling water

Simple syrup (optional)


Steep tea in the boiling water in a heatproof container at room temperature for 8-10 minutes. Refrigerate for one hour. Fill cocktail shaker with ice and strain tea into the shaker. Add simple syrup if desired. Cover and shake for at least 30 seconds. Remove the lid and pour into a glass or champagne flute. Enjoy!


 Kouridashi (Japanese Ice Melt)

2-3 Tbl loose leaf Sencha or Gyokuro


Place the tea in a wide, flat Japanese kyusu (teapot) or short glass. Add ice and let melt. You may want to add more ice...this is an improvisation. The yield is savory, smooth and rich. 


Hong Kong Milk Tea

10 grams Yunnan Black (Red) loose leaf tea

6 grams Shou Puerh

8 oz spring or filtered boiling water

2 Tbl sugar or to taste

2 Tbl cream or to taste

Ice or tea cube

Brew the teas together for 4 minutes, then strain. Stir in sugar, let cool, then refrigerate until cold. Pour into a glass over ice, add cream. Enjoy!

For the tea cube, make a second infusion for 4 minutes, then strain. Stir in sugar, cool, and pour into ice tray to freeze.

Green Tea Soda

Cold brew Sencha


Simple syrup




This is an improvisation! 

In a champagne flute, add the tea, sparkling water, simple syrup and raspberries to taste. Garnish with lemon and mint. Ice is optional.