Our tea journey seemed to start by chance, yet was always destined to be. Five years ago we wandered into a Japanese teashop in Paris for a sublime cup of sencha, and then found our way into the 1st arrondissement boutique of a Hong Kong tea master for an almost spiritual experience with our first pot of puerh. Unknown to us then, our life in tea had begun.

Fast forward five years, and we have trained as tea sommeliers at the UK Tea Academy, climbed in the Japanese tea gardens of Uji, and learned to make Taiwanese oolong on Ali Mountain. Cha dao, chanoyu, senchado, and (of course) a proper afternoon tea are all traditions within the global tea culture that we have been fortunate to experience.

“Tea friend” is a new expression for us, and now it has become our view of the world. We have shared tea with amazing people in New York, London, Paris, Montreal, Tokyo, and Taipei. This extended family has been generous and kind, with a deep wisdom and understanding of tea itself, the healing properties of tea, and the culture and community of tea from ancient times to the present.

Our tea meditation practice comes from the wisdom of many teachers and traditions. We have learned that drinking tea mindfully and the ritual of tea ceremony are avenues to personal and spiritual well-being. The sensory experience, the naturally relaxing and revitalizing compounds in real tea, and companionship on this journey are what we hope to offer.

We welcome the conversation with new tea friends on the East End. Our shop is a local source of fine teas from trusted purveyors with personal connections to farmers in Taiwan, China, Japan and India. We have simple teaware to get you started on your own journey and teaware made with skill and intention by ceramic artists whose work is informed by their own experience of tea.

Please join us for classes, private tea ceremony, and tea bowl meditation at our communal table.  Or just come in for a taste, a cup, or a new tea to take home.



We are located at 213 East Front Street in downtown Greenport. Look up for the white sign with the black letters. The shop is warm and welcoming, and we look forward to sharing tea with you.