Custom Tea Sessions

After you've taken the Introduction to Leaves in a Bowl 3-session series, I invite you to dive deeper into the world of tea meditation with a Custom Tea Session.


Just like a private yoga lesson, herbal consultation or acupuncture visit, each custom tea session is designed with you in mind.


You can choose from the options below and the session will be tailored to your level of experience in Cha Dao and your knowledge of tea. 

  • Setting the Stage for Tea: Teaware and the Chaxi 


  • Music, Incense and Flowers


  • Your Internal Response to the Tea: Physical, Sensory, Emotional, Spiritual 


  • How to Choose Tea for your Practice


  • Learning to Use a Sidehandle Teapot 


  • Serving Other People


You can register for a single class or we can create a series to expand and deepen your practice. Each one hour session will include sharing three bowls of tea. 

Once you have registered, please send an email to set a date and your intention for the session. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Questions? Contact me at any time.